Win Your Business Dispute With Michael J. Balian, Esq.

Commercial litigation in Bloomfield Hills, MI

Are you being sued in the Bloomfield Hills, MI area? Do you want to sue a company due to a breach of contract? Reach out to Michael J. Balian, Esq. right now. Attorney Balian has over 30 years of experience with business legal issues. You can trust him to help you through your situation in an efficient and a professional manner.

Attorney Balian will fight aggressively on your behalf

Through effective mediation, attorney Balian will help you resolve your troubling business concerns. You can rely on him to:

  • Sue a business or corporation on your behalf
  • Come to your defense if you are being sued
  • Help you and all parties involved reach a mutual agreement

Don’t let your business dispute get out of hand. Call 248-581-0040 to schedule your free consultation with Michael J. Balian, Esq. of Bloomfield Hills, MI.